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City views for days: Our locations with city back drops

A city backdrop can be an essential part of a shoot or film, whether it is a small glimmer of a city or an iconic backdrop to a news reel. We have selected a variety of spaces that offer you dreamy vistas to get your creative juices flowing.

Our first location is a three-story building which has a balcony on the top floor overlooking Bristol City Centre. Even though it is only a three-stories, due to its position it has exceptional views around Bristol, providing the perfect backdrop for any shoot or film.

We also have city views from water level. This boat is positioned on Bristol Harbour and has iconic waterway views up and down Bristol, this will surely wet your appetite! It is the ideal setting for a smaller scale shoot or news feature.

Our next view point is from on top of a multi-story car park. This space has 360-degree views of Bristol and so you have a choice of backdrops. This space is an extremely adaptable backdrop for large scale shoots and filming.

Last but not least, we would like to take you up a water tower for stunning views of Cardiff City centre. This view point again has 360-degree views which include countryside and cityscapes and is a great location for smaller scale shoots or filming.


Location reference: BL010

Location: Bristol

This beautiful three storey house has a stunning balcony with City Centre views for miles. This space is extremely multifunctional with a white gallery space on the ground floor, living room and kitchen on the 1st floor and a bedroom and balcony on the top floor providing a very versatile backdrop for shoots and filming.

View this location here.

Location reference: BL020

Location: Bristol

This floating location has a top floor space with an abundance of natural daylight, the space is small but perfect for a small film crew. There is also a space in the basement which has a lighting rig and blackout curtains.

View this location here.

Location reference: BL023

Location: Bristol

A multi-storey car park in the city centre, there are multiple floors available for use but the top floor does have exceptional views over the city centre. The space is a brutalist concrete haven ready for filming and shoots.

View this location here.

Location reference: BL030

Location: Cardiff

This contemporary conversion of a former water tower has four bedrooms, a cinema room, an open plan kitchen diner and a bar in the basement. This space is beautifully converted and an ideal location for any shoot, whether a drama or a fashion editorial.

View this location here.

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