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An Aladdin's Cave of the Unexpected

In its past life this space has been a Quarry and a scrap yard and remnants of these past lives are still visually abundant. On one side of the space there are stony cliffs and encompassing the other side is a forest garden and long-lasting countryside views whilst in the middle is an industrial location like no other.

The location is an Aladdin’s cave of rescued and reused objects from old fairground rides, elephants riding rockets, a contemporary chapel made out of reused materials and not surprisingly a stunning array of mutant vehicles.

There is a main courtyard area which houses the unique mutant installations and leading off of this are studios, a café, an amphitheatre and the contemporary chapel. Every corner you turn there is another outstanding backdrop for stills or filming, the choices are endless with this location.

Even within the woodlands you are sure to stumble across an unexpected vista, from a trailer to a greenhouse. This space is pure magic for shoots.

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